“Win-win for both sides”

Jutta Heusel

has been at the helm of Kollmannsperger ESC since 2000, as one of the two executive partners. Both an adviser and a sparring partner for clients and candidates, she combines intuitive insight with more than 20 years of experience. Connecting networks and people, she brings together big-picture thinking and fine-detail understanding, until she achieves her primary aim: “Win-win for both sides.”


Spencer Stuart, Munich, Consultant International Consumer Goods
Recruitment of executive positions for international companies, integrated management of global projects

Dr. Seebauer & Partner, Königstein, Consultant Real Estate and Financial Services
Recruitment of executive positions and development of a team specialised in the banking sector

Heuer, Dr. Seebauer & Partner, Düsseldorf, Research Management HR Consultancy, Real Estate
Development of the research department for national mandates